Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

We provide end-to-end solar solutions for commercial and government entities.

Advisory & Audits

Accuracy With Utility Bill Audits .

We audit electric and gas utility bills to identify billing discrepancies and opportunities for bill refunds.

Solar Solutions For Your Business or Organization

Energy Savings

Save on utility bills by installing a solar system. Eliminate your electric bill or lock in a low rate for up to 25 years.

Investment Tax Credits

Have a tax appetite? Receive a 30% federal investment tax credit on the total cost of your solar system

Environmental Support

Support renewable energy through commercial solar power. Install a system for zero dollars down.

Utilities Incentives

Get cash payments each month from your local utility for generating clean power from your new solar arrays.

We deliver solutions that help you correct errors and save

Historical Audit

A 36-48 month look back into your utility billing history to identify areas where you were overbilled.

Sales Tax

In some states and jurisdictions, utility bills are exempt from sales taxes. We ensure that you are not overpaying.

Rate Classifications

During the audit, we ensure that your utility is billing you according to the proper rate class and tariff.

Types of Audits

We audit all utilities including electric, gas, water, sewer, waste, telecom, wireless, taxes and more!

Investment Tax Credit

Secure Tax Credits For Your System

  • 30% federal investment tax credit

  • Calculated on entire system cost

  • One-to-one benefit for tax liabilities

Those businesses and organizations with tax appetites can benefit from the 30% investment tax credits offered by the federal government for installing solar panels. Credits can be applied to future tax years. Contact us for more information.

Accelerated Depreciation

Offset Other Business Income

  • Bonus depreciations in year one

  • Depreciation up to 100% of your system cost

  • Offset energy savings and SREC income

With recent regulation, businesses can now depreciate 100% of their solar system cost in year one instead of having to spread it out over a traditional depreciation schedule.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS)

Monthly Income From Your Local Utility

  • Get paid for each kWh of solar power produced

  • Most states pay incentives for up to 15 years

  • Offset the cost of your solar system

Most states have legislation in place that incentivizes businesses to install solar through the cash payment of SRECS. These credits are paid monthly based on your system’s total output.

Electricity Savings

Reduce Your Total Electric Bill

  • Eliminate all or a portion of your usage with solar

  • Lock in a fixed rate with a PPA deal

  • Realize immediate energy savings

Whether you are looking to purchase your system or simply get a lower rate for your electricity supply, solar is a good option for you. Energy savings are maximized with a commercial solar system.

Historical Utility Bill Audit

Obtain refunds and bill reductions

  • Fixed $ / kWh for term of agreement

  • Hedge utility costs for up to 5 years

  • In the money when market is high

Utility invoices are complex and prone to errors. In fact, we have found that close to 80% of utility bills contain some sort of discrepancy. Our audit is contingency-based meaning you do not pay unless we find you money!

Sales Tax Reductions

Obtain refunds and bill reductions

  • 36 – 120 month eligibility

  • Correct sales tax billing errors on utility bills

  • All fees are contingency-based

In many states, sales tax is exempt from certain utility bills or from utilities used in specific processes. Our team of sales tax experts will find the areas where you might be overpaying, and obtain refunds on your behalf.

Types of Utility Audits

We audit all utility invoices and billings

  • Electric and natural gas

  • Waste and water

  • Telecom and wireless

In addition to electricity and natural gas, we also have the ability to audit other utility invoices. We specialize in auditing waste bills, water bills, sewer bills, telecommunications bills, wireless bills, and more!


We’ll design your solar system for maximum sun exposure and electricity production.


Our team acts as a construction manager overseeing your project from permitting to contracting.


We’ll file to get your system connected to the utility and ensure that you receive your credits.

Simple Process

1. Submit Your Bill

Submit a copy of a recent electric invoice.

3. Financial Analysis

We will present you with a detailed Financial analysis.

2. We Design System

Using our technology, we will design your rooftop system.

4. Contract & Save

Execute an agreement and start benefitting from solar today.

Still Have Questions?

Looking For Ways to Reduce Costs at Your Business ?

Our team of professionals has decades of experience structuring low-cost energy supply arrangements and servicing commercial & industrial customers.

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