Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees Without the Hassle of Changing Providers

Gone are the days of having a cash-only business. Today, credit card transactions are indispensable for any business. However, credit card processing companies frequently fill their services with hidden fees, unexpected rate increases, and unethical pricing practices.

At My Business Concierge, we safeguard our clients from the pitfalls of the unregulated credit card processing industry. We secure the lowest possible rates and fees for your business, all without the inconvenience of switching providers.

The truth is revealed. 

Contrary to its name, your merchant discount rate (MDR) is anything but a discount.

MDRs are actually fees cleverly labeled as "discounts" by credit card processing companies and merchant services providers, aiming to create the illusion of a favorable deal.

In the payment industry, a credit card processing company’s main goal is to allow a business to accept credit card payments, but at a hefty price.

The higher the rates and fees imposed by a credit card processing company, the greater their profit from that specific business. Unfortunately, this often leads to unethical and deceptive sales tactics.

Reducing credit card fees is crucial for any business looking to cut operating expenses and boost their bottom line. However, understanding the fluctuating nature of credit card merchant fees can pose a challenge for businesses.

But what if businesses could lower their credit card merchant fees without the hassle of switching processing companies?

That's precisely what happens when businesses partner with My Business Concierge for a credit card processing audit! We provide a complimentary audit to ensure businesses pay the lowest amount possible credit card merchant fees with their current processing company.

At the end of the day, there isn't much differentiation between one credit card processing company and another. While some may offer proprietary software or specialize in specific industries, they all share the same goal.

Our mission is simple: secure the lowest possible rates and merchant fees for your business.

Our 3-Step Process


We kick off with a thorough examination of your merchant statements, pinpointing any excessive rates and fees that are eating into your profits.


Armed with insights from our audit, we leverage our expertise and network to negotiate and implement more favorable terms on your behalf, all without disrupting your day-to-day operations.


Our commitment doesn't end with negotiation. We proactively monitor your statements, ensuring your processor doesn't sneak in rate hikes or hidden fees, safeguarding your financial interests at every turn.

Maximize Your Profits with My Business Concierge

One significant issue in the credit card processing industry arises when merchant companies establish deceitful pricing schemes. Sales representatives often prioritize profit over the business's best interests, resulting in unfavorable pricing structures for the business owner.

Incorrect pricing structures can burden businesses with substantial fees, while those on the correct structure typically pay less than 2.5%.

Various credit card processing pricing structures exist, with different transaction levels affecting costs. Unfortunately, companies rarely inform businesses of potential savings tactics, as it doesn't benefit them.

Typically, there are two approaches to saving on credit card processing fees. While switching processing companies is commonly attempted, it often yields minimal, if any, savings and considerable hassle. Alternatively, businesses can endeavor to restructure their credit card fees.

Businesses attempting to audit and negotiate their processing fees with large credit card merchant companies, without adequate industry knowledge, often find the task unfruitful and frustrating. In contrast, those restructuring merchant account fees with My Business Concierge typically achieve savings of thirty to forty percent.

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Copyright 2024 All Rights Reserved